Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting Ever Closer ~ Just a few more BOM posts

Side Triangles - Oh My!

We are nearing the end of the BOM and there is only one more "block" after this one left to make.  Since I know the holidays are busy for most people I thought I would give you something to work on over the next few weeks and then pick back up in January with the last block and other components that make the quilt.  We should wrap things up in February with the final components and borders.

Please do not assemble the quilt at this point.

Most quilters struggle with half square triangles (HST).  They involve what for many is a dirty word - bias!  Many companies have produced tools and supplies to help quilters with this but I think this is by far the easiest and most accurate method. The beauty of this is you can use it no matter what the size half square triangle you need to make.  The only down side is if you need scrappy HST this is not the method to use since they end up all the same.

So having said that, let's get started!

You will need the following:  

A - 15  squares cut  4  7/8" x  4  7/8" (background) 
and then cut once on the diagonal to yield 30 triangles

B - 4  squares cut 9  3/4" x 9  3/4" (scraps)

B - 4  squares cut 9  3/4" x 9  3/4"  (background)

Here are my B squares.   I am using red for my HST and the squares are all the same.  Since there are so many HST to make I am not making them scrappy.  I figure the blocks are scrappy enough and doing the side triangles the same will bring some continuity to the quilt.

Draw a line 4 of the squares - choose the one that is easiest to see the marking on. Do this on all 4 of that color.  In my case this is the background fabric.

Do the same thing in the opposite direction.

Your square should look like this - a big X.

Pair the square with the other fabric (scraps) making sure right sides are together.

Pin using 4 pins - just to make sure the fabrics do not slip around during the sewing.
Sew 1/4" seam on both sides of BOTH lines.  What you see here is my chalked line and then the stitching lines on either side of that.  

Now you need to take your ruler and cut through the center - place the ruler on the 4 7/8" line on the outer edge of the block. The cutting edge should run right through the middle of the X.  Make certain that your ruler is straight along the outer edge of the block - if not your HST units will not come out to the correct size. If you look on the right side of the block you will see that I also put the vertical line along the right hand edge of the block - sorta under the letter E on my ruler. As long as the bottom 4 7/8" line and that line don't move while cutting, my HST will be perfect.   Do not move the fabric after you make the cut.

You may be wondering how I came up with the cutting measurement.....If you refer back to the cutting instructions above you will see that the square we cut to do them individually measured  4  7/8" - so you just cut on that measurement.   

(NOTE:  If you want all your HST to be scrappy you make them using the measurement listed as A for both A & B but you have a bunch of them to make. LOL)

The cool thing about this method is it works for any size HST you need to make.  Just double the original square you would use to make them individually and then proceed.  4  7/8" x 2 = 9  3/4" square.   The only downside is they are all going to be the same - so if you want a scrappy look you need to make them individually. 

Do the same thing in the opposite direction.  Place the ruler on the 4 7/8" line on the outer edge of the block.  The edge you use to cut should be running right through the center of the big X.  Do not move the fabric.

Next take your ruler and cut on the marked line you drew in the beginning.  Again, do not move the fabric.

Move your ruler to the other line and cut on that marked line. 

This is what you should end up with after all the cutting is completed. Eight half square triangles all in one fell swoop!  I love this method.  Easy, accurate and you don't have to worry too much about the bias. 

Press them all to the dark. 

Your 4 squares will yield 32 HST units - you only need 30 for the side triangles.

Now wasn't that super easy?

You know I always lay out the components of any block I am making so here we go.  Be sure to orient the color to the correct position - it's super easy to get them turned around.

Sew the single triangles to the HST unit in each row. Press so the seams alternate within each row so when you go to sew them together they nest nicely.
Sew the remaining single triangle to the top of the middle HST unit.  Press. Then sew the two units together.  Keep an eye out for those point intersections.

TA DAH!  Triangle Block #14 is go make 9 more.  ☺  Be sure to trim off the little ears.

I hope you found this method easy to do and that all your points come out perfect.  Don't forget to press in between each step!  See you in January!!

May you have a blessed holiday season and thanks for following along - I can't wait to see your Stash Buster BOM quilts!  

Quilty hugs,  



  1. I like this method of doing half square triangles. is there a conversion chart for this method? that would be neat.