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I'm Linda Thielfoldt, owner of The Quilted Goose in Troy Michigan.  I have been making quilts for almost 40 years and teaching machine quilting for over 19 years.  I am a passionate quilter, obsessive even and I love just about anything to do with quilting! 

I learned to sew at a young age and made my first skirt at age 9.  My mother was not a quilter and I am self taught. My first quilt was for my sister who was pregnant with my niece Becky and that quilt launched a life long love affair with all things quilt related.

I entered my first quilt competition in 2002 and had no idea where that would take me.  Over 85 ribbons later I am still humbled at the positive response my work has received at major shows around the country. Here I am almost a decade and a half later and while I still quilt for others (who are willing to wait a ridiculous amount of time) I spend a great deal of time sharing what I love at major quilt shows and guilds across the country.

As someone who has had a hard time following the rules for most of her life, I designed most of the quilts I made over the years (which translates to I can't follow a pattern.)  When teaching I would often get asked "Where did you get that pattern?" or "Can I buy that pattern?" when students would see my quilts. After a couple of years of that I decided it was time to launch my own pattern line.  (I know I can be a tad slow at times.)  In addition to the pattern line to actually make the quilts I also sell digital patterns for the quilting of the quilts which are available here

One of my most favorite things is when I have a chance to share my passion and knowledge with a quilt guild.  I have been all over the country and met some amazing and talented quilters and really enjoy spending one on one time with them. I offer all kinds of classes from applique, precision piecing, garment construction as well as machine quilting both on domestic machines and mid and longarm machines.

I have appeared on The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky and also on Quilt It - The Longarm Show with Jodi Davis.  On The Quilt Show blog there are a series of instructional video where I share tips and tricks on a wide variety of machine quilting subjects and the best part is they are free!
I am married to the most amazing man (shown here with his parents with the Macinac Bridge behind them) who never complains when my quilting overtakes yet another room in the house or when I offer him up gourmet dinners of scrambled eggs or grilled cheese because I got so wrapped up in a quilt project that I forgot all about dinner.

We just celebrated our 19th Anniversary and we have three furry children - all Devon Rex kitties who have to be involved with everything quilting!  Zach is our oldest at 14, Spencer is the middle child at 7 and Winston (Winnie) is the youngest at 5 - they are all spoiled and we are totally OK with that! 
Spencer and Winnie keep me
 company in my sewing room
Zach loves to help!

Winnie loves heights...
...until he can't get down!

Thanks so much for for stopping by and I hope you will join me in my quilting adventures. 

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