Monday, October 21, 2013

Stash Buster BOM Block #13 ~ Flower Basket

There is just something about Basket blocks....

Basket blocks can be kind of tricky in a quilt layout as most of them are on point so when I designed this quilt with an on-point layout I knew I had to include one.

Flower Basket

12" block - make one

*My version is more scrappy than this layout here but you can do whatever you like.  I used three different red fabrics for the "flowers" but you could make them all different if you wanted a really scrappy look.


 A - 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" Square

 Cut 1 square each of three* red fabrics (scraps)

Cut 4 squares of gold print (background)

Cut 1 square of tan print (scraps)

Cut all squares on the diagonal once.

B - 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" Rectangle

Cut 2 of gold print (background fabric)

C - 6 7/8" x 6 7/8" Square

Cut 1 of tan print (scraps) then cut on the diagonal once.  Note: you will only use one of the triangles.

 Cut 1 of gold print (background) then cut on the diagonal once.  Note: you will only use one of the triangles.

Next up layout all the pieces to make sure you like the fabric choices.  I used three different red prints for the "flowers" and played  around a bit to get the look I was happy with.  You could also make every flower a different fabric if you prefer.  That is the great thing about quilting, we all get to do what we like ☺!

I used a stripe for the basket and so I wanted to make sure I had the triangles going the right way so the stripe would match.   Yes I know, my type A is showing!

 I started with the rectangles and added the small triangles to them.  Note how the "ears" extend beyond the one side - this is what you want.   Press to the dark.

I lay them out again just to make sure things are on track and that I haven't turned something the wrong way.

Then I start on the half square triangles.  Sew them together one row at a time.  Since my layout was particular I needed to make sure I didn't get the red out of order.  Once you have all three rows together, press them so you are alternating the seam direction.  Some will be to the dark and some will be to the red.  

 Once I have the rows completed I sew them together.  Here I have the first and the second rows together.  


Once I have the two rows together I add the large triangle.  I found it easier to press to the large triangle



 Add the last row of half square triangles. 

Add a rectangle unit, press to the rectangle.
Add the last rectangle unit and press toward the rectangle.  All that is left now is to add the final large triangle.  Press to the triangle.

TA DAH!  Stash Buster BOM #13 block is done!  WTG!

Block should measure 12.5" which will give you a 12" finished size block.  Be sure to keep an eye on that scant 1/4" seam allowance, especially at the seam intersections.  Hope you like this block and congratulations - just a few more months for the big reveal!  

Quilty hugs....

Linda T.


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