BOM Stash Buster Mystery


Yardage for Stash Buster BOM Quilt

Outer Border: 2 Yards

Inner Border: 1 yard

Background Fabric: 4 yards       

Note this fabric touches all the fabrics in the blocks so make sure it coordinates

Cornerstone 4 patches and center of chain blocks:  see below

The two fabrics need good contrast but go well together and will show up well against your background fabric.

This tan will be in the 4 patches and chain blocks:  1/2 yard

 This red fabric will be in the 4 patches, the chain blocks AND the outer pieced triangle blocks:  1 1/2 yards


 Two piece sashing: 1 1/4 yards each of two coordinating prints (these touch the background fabric in all blocks and can be chosen after all the blocks are completed)

Scraps for the blocks:  3 1/2 to 4 yards of light, medium and dark value fabrics.  


NOTE:  all fabrics are based on 44" wide fabric 


Chomping at the Bit...


With just about 10 days from the Stash Buster BOM launch I have been getting a lot of questions about fabric choices.

I thought I would share the following tips with you on how I approach scrap quilts.

Border print for my Stash Buster BOM
  • Find your focus fabric - usually for me this is the border fabric, or it can also be the dominate color. I find it often is easier to have the border fabric first rather than to try and find the perfect one after you have the center of the quilt all together.  

  • Choose your secondary fabrics from colors in the focus fabric - usually this is background and maybe one or more borders. The background fabric in this quilt should work well with all the other fabrics. I have not made up my mind about the two black choices  - solid or a small print.  Will narrow it down with my test blocks.


  • Choose the scrappy fabrics that will make up the center of the quilt.  These need to be varied in scale In my 28+ years of teaching I find that most people struggle with scrappy because of a few things: 
  1. They focus on the fabrics themselves rather than the value. 
  2. They often don't have enough variety, or enough variety in value of each color.  Think about a paint chip - at one end of that color you have the darkest and at the other the lightest.  That is what I look for when choosing colors/fabrics. 
  3. The other thing is scale - you want a good variety, some small, some big and a bunch in between.
  •  My advice would be to start with the border print and then pull fabrics to match that. It is also good to toss in a zinger or two just to make it fun.  My quilts are not always matchy matchy and I often find it  more interesting if there is a wild card included somewhere.
You will see the blocks before you make them - you just won't see the whole quilt so it won't be that hard to choose your fabrics - have faith May 4th is coming!!! 

Just Us Quilters Stash Buster Mystery Quilt

Just Us Quilters is a facebook group that anyone can join.  I have designed a Stash Buster BOM just for that group and will provide patterns for a year long mystery BOM that will take place starting May 4th.  Patterns will be posted the first Saturday of every month.

Here you will find photos of my process as I lead the BOM Mystery and you are welcome to join in the fun.  Just search for Just Us Quilters on facebook and ask to join the group.

Let the fun begin!!!


  1. woohoo...let the party begin! :)

  2. I'm now following your blog! Can't wait for the BOM to start I need to go through my colors now

  3. Good for you setting up this blog, it will be a good way to follow along.

  4. All of your statements are so true...I am glad I found you! I can now see more clearly that my 'focus' have been in the wrong place. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to get started. Hopefully I can keep up and don't get caught up in whether my fabrics 'go together' or NOT. lol

  5. Thank you for the color therapy lessons some things are starting to actual become clear vs my clear as mud look I normally have lol
    I will try and pull some of my colors together this weekend and post them up in the JUQ or can we post on your blog?

  6. Stamping Jean, all the fabric amounts and info you need will be posted May 4th!!!

  7. Linda could you please tell me your thoughts on size of prints for the particular project. Medium to large sized prints, would they be lost?
    For a 12 in block on the easy/interm. side..I am assuming that some of the squares and such would be 3 to 4in, or more??
    What do you think? I have some lovely flowered fat quarters I have been saving for just the right project...but they are med/large sized prints and I don't want the whole flower to always be lost.
    Thank you so much for your time and for what your doing. I know the Labor of Love it is! THANK YOU!

    1. Kellie, sorry I didn't catch this until now...I think the florals would be perfect. There are lots of bigger centers and such in each of the blocks so I think your fabrics could work very well. Some of the blocks are simple and some are more involved but I think you can feature the prints quite nicely. Something to think about, you will need to pick a neutral for the backgrounds - maybe a white tone on tone since there will be so much color in the block pieces themselves? You can decide after you see the first two blocks.

  8. I can't find the patterns for the first blocks!