Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stash Buster BOM Block #11 - Chain

Whew!  Breaking the "chain" from all the triangles with this block!

This one is super easy but you need to make 6 of them all alike.

 This quilt is made up of scrappy blocks and lots of fabrics (which is the idea and supposedly to help us bust our stashes!) and this block along with the 4 patch bonus block we made a few months ago is what ties it all together. 

You will notice that the center of this block and the 4-patch are the same.  When you have a lot of different blocks made of lots of different units a block like this can really help tie them all together.  Or if you will, "chain" them together ☺

Four patch block - you made 17 of them




A   2" x 2" squares

Cut 8 of red print (scraps)

Cut 8 of tan print (scraps)

Cut 8 of black (background)


B   3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangle

Cut 4 of black (background)



C 3 1/2" x 2" rectangle - cut 4 of black (background)


As you know by now, I like to layout all the pieces.  Spencer seems to think he has to help with this part.

I start with the 4 patch units.



 I just chain piece them making sure I have them placed so I can just fold one over on top of the other and have them going the right way.  I also sewed the small squares to the inner rectangles at this time.

Once again, back to the layout part.  Just making sure everything is going the right way.  The red fabric is directional so I want to be sure I don't get one of them turned the wrong way.

 I always pin when I have things I need/want to match up.

 Center unit is complete.

 Sew the corner 4 patch units to the larger rectangles.  Pay attention to how you press these units so you can easily nest them together when you join the sides to the center unit. I pressed toward the big rectangles and away from the pieced blocks.

 Super easy.  Now make 5 more for a total of 6!

Note:  You can make these blocks using strip piecing for the four patch units, just cut your strips 2" sew them together and then sub cut into 2" units and sew together as usual.


Ta Dah!  Once you have all 6 made you are done with this step.  

kind regards,  Linda T.


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