Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stash Buster BOM Block #8

And the fun continues with Dutchman's Puzzle

This block is made up completely of triangles but with the no waste method of making flying geese units, it goes together pretty easily.

Always makes me think of windmills and I wonder if that is how it got it's name...


Squares are all you need to make this block.  I will show you a super fun and easy way to make flying geese units.

A)  3 7/8" x 3 7/8" square

Cut 8 squares of gold (background)

Draw a line from corner to corner on each of the A squares on the diagonal.


B) 7 1/4" x 7 1/4" square 

Cut 1 square red print (scraps)       

Cut 1 square of green print (scraps)




Using the no waste method of making flying geese lay two squares of background on one square of scrap fabric.  The line you drew on the background fabric should intersect where the squares overlap.  Pin.






Sew a 1/4" seam on both sides of the drawn line. Pay attention the the drawn line and sew as accurately as you can, if you are off just a bit your geese will  not turn out the correct size.  After sewing it is a good idea to double check your seam and make adjustments or re-sew if necessary.


Cut along the drawn line.  Press the small triangles (may or may not be the dark) away from the larger triangle.



Lay another background square on top of the unit you just completed. 

Get a little extra help holding it down if you need it.  Spencer is always up to the task.  Pin in place.

Take to sewing machine and while carefully balancing 12# of cat on your lap sew on both sides of the drawn line as you did above.  Place cat on desk and get up and check to be certain your seam measures exactly 1/4". 


Cut on drawn line. Press away from the large triangle (it may or may not be to the dark).



You will end up with 4 flying geese units and you never had to cut a triangle!  ☺

You will repeat the process with the other large square and remaining background squares. Trim the ears before the next step.



 I like to layout all the units that make up the block before I sew them together.  This is a good time to make any adjustments for directional fabrics.  You can see that both of my fabrics are directional.  I played around with the layout until I got them going the same way.



 Sew two flying geese units together following the layout above. You will make 4 two pair units. 

Pay close attention to the intersection at the top of the big triangle....don't cut that point off! 

After pressing each unit I then lay them out again making sure I have them going the way I want them to.


Sew together in pairs again. 

Press the seam in opposite directions so when you put the final seam in they nest nicely together.


Pin the two halves together making sure to align the center exactly.  Sew, taking care with the intersections of the triangles.  


Give the block a good press and pat yourself on the back. ☺


Ta Dah!  Block #8 Dutchman's Puzzle is complete!!!

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