Thursday, July 18, 2013

BOM...More fun with Block #6

Next up:  #6 - Road to California


This is a pretty easy block.  Just some 4-patch units and some half-square triangle units.

Cutting  (note colors are from pic above)

A)  Cut 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square

Cut 10 squares of red print (scraps)

Cut 10 squares of gold print (background)

B) 4 7/8" x 4 7/8" square (do not cut on diagonal)

Cut 2 squares gold print (background)

Cut 2 squares green print (scraps)

 Half square triangle units.  Take one each of background and scrap print and draw a line down the middle, sew a 1/4" seam on either side. (or use any method you prefer - I show how to make them using other methods in the early blocks of the BOM) Do this with both sets of squares you cut.

Cut on the line to make 4 half square units and press to the dark.

 4-Patch units

Sew a background square to a scrap square along one edge.  These are perfect for chain piecing.  If you alternate the fabric on the top as you piece they will be perfectly set up for sewing the next step.  Keep them together in pairs and press to the dark.

 Still chained together.

 Lay out the half square units and the 4-patch units following the block picture.  Make sure you orient the 4 patch units the correct direction.  What you basically have here is a 9 patch block.

I like to take the center row and lay them on top of the left - put a pin in to hold them together in the correct way and take them to the machine.  Take time to make sure the edges are aligned.  Sew along the right hand edge. 


I like to press the seam before I add the other row but that is up to you.  I find it easier to get the pressing going the correct way without having to fight with the other seam.


 This intersection is the one you want to see - pay attention to the pressing so this is not covered up.  This really helps when you sew the rows together and is what helps keep you from cutting off the points when you sew that next seam.

 Keeping the same layout, I repeat the process.  Lay the right hand row on top of the middle row and pin.  At this point the first blocks are chained together.  I don't cut them apart. Take to the machine and sew along that right hand edge.

Pressing is key here.  Make sure you can see that intersection marked by my pencils - very important. You will note that I have alternated the seams when pressing.  This makes it very easy to nest them together nicely which makes your piecing more precise.

 Closer view.  When you go to join the rows you will want to be able to see this so you don't cross the intersecting line.  This is shown in great detail in the early blocks here on my blog.

Ta Dah!  Road to California block is done!!!

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